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Project Consulting and Business Analysis

AmbitionZ's project consulting and business analysis services help organisations discover the information they need to make decisions, so they can move forward. This can be applied across a wide variety of business functions and industries.  While each engagement requires a tailored approach, the following three components summarise most consulting engagements.

 Consulting Component Example methods
 Pulling together the threads
 One on one interviews
 Group workshops
 Reviewing documentation and data
 Stakeholder surveys
 Internet research
 Providing insights
 Analysing information and data found 
 Linking common factors
 Providing expertise from past experiences
 Creating financial models
 Seeing gaps and opportunities
 Problem solving
 Determining options
 Creating a way forward
 Creating strategies
 Engaging staff
 Changing processes
 Understanding issues or requirements
 Growing profits
 Increasing productivity 
 Planning implementation 
 Changing client or product mix