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Changed marketing strategy and created brochure content

 Situation before interventionIVT had a product known as "Association Manager" for which they had a fairly technically focused brochure, listing product features and IVT's background. They had performed extensive modifications to the product, and were re-releasing it under the "Association Online" branding.

They initially approached AmbitionZ to discuss rewriting the 8 page brochure for the new branding. I recommended that they in fact needed 2 different brochures — a 4 page introductory brochure to educate the targets and capture initial interest, and a 20 page brochure to provide more in depth detail for the product. IVT accepted this recommendation and the project proceeded.
 Pulling together the threadsConsulted with IVT staff, clients, and a channel partner
Reviewed previous brochure, and additional documentation
Looked at application functionality
Reviewed competitor information
 Providing insightsIdentified the key selling points of the product from a client perspective
Extended IVT's understanding of the product beyond functionality to business benefits
 Creating a way forwardCreated an effective message strategy for selling Association Online
Created the written content for the two brochures which now identify with the clients' needs and demonstrate how IVT can assist the clients' business.
 Organisational improvementThe message strategy devised during the brochure project has greatly assisted sales staff in the way they talk to prospects.
Sales growth has been exponential
Association Online has become the key product that IVT sells, where previously they primarily delivered custom applications to a variety of industries