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Define requirements for vendors

 Situation before interventionA member-based organisation was considering enhancing one of their service offerings. They requested assistance collating and documenting their requirements so they could be communicated to vendors to quote on changing their existing SAP system.
 Pulling together the threadsConsulted with various business and technical staff and managers about the changes.
Reviewed existing documentation
Reviewed existing SAP functionality
 Providing insightsProvided ideas and queried logic and processes related to various requirements
Helped the organisation work through their ideas related to the new offering
 Creating a way forwardDocumented requirements so vendors could quote on the associated modifications to the SAP system
 Organisational improvementThe organisation had a better idea about the practicalities of the enhancements they were considering.
They were able to prioritise their requirements
They were in a position to communicate the enhancements they were considering for their internal planning process, and to the vendors for quotation