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Improved Sales Process

 Situation before interventionAn organisation's clients were unsatisfied with the length of time it was taking for proposals to be delivered. The Director of Clients requested AmbitionZ to define Key Performance Indicators related to the sales process.
 Pulling together the threadsMeetings and workshops with the Director of Clients, Account Managers, Pre Sales Manager, Solution Architects and Analysts, and managers in the Marketing and Operational units.
Research and analysis of various engagement models
Reviewing existing documentation and proposals
 Providing insightsDemonstrated their were different drivers to how client projects should be classified, instead of the singular driver that was previously used
Demonstrated there were various phases and activities involved in the engagement process, where these distinctions had not previously been clear
Showed how while the organisation's clients perceived that proposals were taking a long time to deliver, this was because the organisation was providing extensive free services as part of the sales process without the client or the organisation recognising the value that was being given. This was not only impacting the sales process, but resulting in significant lost revenue as the cost model for the organisation didn't consider this.
 Creating a way forwardCreated a new project classification method to better understand project complexities
Designed a new sales process using the phases and activities recognised
Included a mechanism for charging for the services that had been provided for free
Key performance indicators were created for the new sales process
Recommended changes to internal procedures & applications to support new process
 Organisational improvementBoth perceptions of the speed to deliver proposals, and the actual turn-around time improved
Revenue leakage was reduced