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New Product Launch

 Situation before interventionWhile they had been contemplating it for a while, Internet Vision Technologies decided 2 months before a technology conference for nonprofits that they would create a version of their product targeted specifically at the nonprofit sector. They would draw on their experiences with their current nonprofit clients, and bring together their proven modules to create a web based, nonprofit management application.

They originally approached me to write a product brochure, a product guide, and the content for their website. I proposed an alternative approach where they engaged me to create the marketing material for their product launch for a fixed price. While this would achieve the outcomes they were asking of me, it provided additional benefits including:
  • Allowing them to come to me for assistance with other marketing material they required along the way, without having to make an additional investment decision.
  • Allowing me to proactively suggest improvements and strategies along the way, and investigate issues and ideas on the periphery of what had been asked, without my motivations being questioned as it would automatically be in scope.
  • Allowing a partnership based instead of transactional based approach to the project.
 Pulling together the threadsDiscussed product with IVT's staff
Reviewed product offering and help documentation
Interviewed non-profit client regarding functionality IVT had created for their application
Researched the non-profit market in Australia
Researched competitors in the global market
Liased with graphic designer
Reviewed marketing material AmbitionZ had created for a related product for IVT
 Providing insightsFormed strategies for how to position the product in the market.
Identified ways Nonprofit Online could be used to assist nonprofit business processes and issues that had not previously been identified.
Discussed pricing strategies and created a spreadsheet they could use to help determine profitability of the pricing model over 5 years.
Provided the idea of gaining Australian Made certification as a key selling point
Recommended a business card draw for their stand at conference
 Creating a way forwardFunctionality for product planned
Strategy for marketing the product created
variety of marketing material was created in time for product launch including:
  • 4 page product brochure
  • 40 page product guide
  • Over 100 pages of web content and two downloadable flyers
  • A case study
  • Strategy and content for a demonstration application representing an imaginary non-profit
  • Various letters and email communication advising existing clients, prospects, and business partners about the product
  • Powerpoint presentation and flyers for use at booth at conference
  • Branded Word Templates to enable to create standard ongoing material themselves
 Organisational improvementNew product was ready for launch for the conference.
Sales staff had a good understanding of language to use and the key selling points
Marketing material was succesfully created to support sales
The product, Nonprofit Online, has become one of the key products IVT sells (along with Association Online, see separate case study)