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Organisational Unit Definition

 Situation before interventionA service organisation was created and rapidly expanded to around 700 people over the previous 3.5 years. The largest branch (around 400 people) found the functions within it were poorly understood not only outside the branch, but between different units within the branch. While there was a defined organisational structure, there was limited understanding of what each functional unit represented or their accountabilities.
 Pulling together the threadsExtensive workshops were held with the top four levels of the branch hierarchy
Reviewed existing operational documentation and intranet pages
Read various parts of ITIL framework documentation
 Providing insightsRecognised that many parts of the branch were performing similar functions for different purposes, but using different language to describe it
Identified anomalies, gaps, and duplications between units for subsequent follow-up by the continual improvement function
 Creating a way forwardCreated a standard framework and common language for discussing the units
Provided a forum for teams to discuss and understand their purpose, accountabilities, and their relationships with other units
Created a large RACI model to describe the extensive functions of the branch
Enabled the organisation to use and maintain the framework and model themselves moving forward
 Organisational improvementIncreased team unity and purpose through workshops
Better understanding of expectations for each functional unit
Management understands full scope of activities being performed
Common language reduces communication issues
Easier mechanism to find the right unit for a particular task
Impacts of organisational changes can be better understood
Identified anomalies, gaps, and duplications to be considered for further action