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Plan for staff integration and technology decommission

 Situation before interventionStaff from a Victorian Government Department had been transferred to a Statutory Body 2 years earlier. They performed the same function as existing staff, but the organisation had been unable to find a way to get them to use the same technology and processes despite various attempts. This left the transferred staff not feeling integrated into the organisation, and the productivity and service improvements anticipated as part of the transfer had not been achieved.
 Pulling together the threadsOne-on-one interviews
Group workshops
Brainstorming sessions
Observation of staff performing duties
Reviewed existing documentation, including documentation from prior failed projects
Sourced data and analysed for objective evidence
 Providing insightsAttitude of many staff was the requirement couldn't be achieved
Many vested interests were presenting blockers and resisting change
Objective evidence didn't match with the blockers being presented
Landscape over 2 years had changed, removing some of the previous issues
Despite previous projects, senior management didn't understand all the requirements
Some options previously considered weren't feasible
There were additional options that hadn't been considered
Enabled management to understand true issues, and options and impacts to progress
 Creating a way forwardIssues understood by senior management
Approach planned for moving forward
Achieved through a combination of people, process, and technology changes
Costed business case created for implementation
 Organisational improvementOrganisation is implementing changes as per the business case
Transferred staff will be able to integrate with the rest of the staff
Organisation will be in a position to achieve the productivity and service improvements planned for Government.