AmbitionZ provides business and technology project consulting and management services and operates according to straight forward guiding principles:
  • The purpose of a consulting engagement is to help improve the client's organisation;
  • Success is achieved through constructive relationships; and
  • AmbitionZ can only exist if it continues to deliver quality outcomes for clients.
AmbitionZ's project based services are based on actual project need - so if your project needs part-time hours, variable attendance or has ad-hoc requirements to achieve project outcomes AmbitionZ's services adapt accordingly.

AmbitionZ's clients have included RACVEPA VictoriaCenITexNEC Australia and Internet Vision Technologies.

Real outcomes achieved include:
  • Finding a path which removed the need for a government agency to renew a multi-million dollar contract;
  • Preventing release of a product that was not market ready;
  • Development and approval of a business case to integrate staff transitioned from another organisation;
  • Marketing communication enabling a client to double sales for a product;
  • Project & service delivery management of a multi-million dollar, federally funded programme: including management through significant funding uncertainty, and extending service delivery for five months within existing funding;
  • Reducing turnaround times for delivery of a client's sales proposals;
  • Discovering gaps and duplications in accountabilities between teams and recommending improvements;
  • Project managing the marketing launch of a software as a service product in time for a conference; and
  • Processes and requirements documented for systems implementations and upgrades.
While each engagement requires a tailored approach, the following components summarise many engagements.

 Consulting Component  Example methods
 Pulling together the threads
 One on one interviews
 Group workshops
 Reviewing documentation and data
 Stakeholder surveys
 Internet research
 Providing insights
 Analysing information and data found 
 Linking common factors
 Providing expertise from past experiences
 Creating financial models
 Seeing gaps and opportunities
 Problem solving
 Determining options
 Creating a way forward
 Creating strategies
 Engaging staff
 Changing processes
 Understanding issues or requirements
 Growing profits
 Increasing productivity 
 Planning implementation 
 Changing client or product mix
 Project Specific